Saturday, November 1, 2008

My First Tatted Motif

This motif was my first attempt on tatting and there is no turning back. The affair with tatting started when I was at a craftshop last Saturday browsing some crochet pattern books. I was attracted by the designs on the cover so I picked it up, thinking it was for crochet patterns. I was intrigued by the technique and bought a pair of shuttlers on impulse. I didn't have time till 2 days ago, I decided to sit down to study the technique and started to play with this new toy.

The first motif is a butterfly because my girl spotted the pattern and said she wanted a pink one. I used my crochet thread to practise with it. It took me one whole hour to figure it out. Phew.

I found some pink thread in my stash and used the same pattern last night but tried adding beads to the picots. The centre seemed empty so I threaded a pearl. Looks pretty good for a hairclip! Ah Girl loved it when I gave it to her this morning. I'm going to make another one tonight to make it a pair.



TattingChic said...

Your butterfly motifs are lovely!

nutz2tat said...

wow, pretty advanced already, rei. good to see you using your tatted butterfly on a clip for your daughter. spotlight actually has a lady, jessica, who teaches tatting if you are interested in taking lessons.

all best,

singtatter said...

Impressive! Looking at your butterfly motifs and how you add the beads, you are pretty good already.

Bonnie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of tatting. Your doing a great job already!

Rei said...

Thanks ladies. I do apologise for the late response. I forgot to set the comment notification on. :p

KWF said...

See tt you've found a new hobby. Your butterfly hairclip got me interested. One day I may embarked on this, but now I'm so full with the daily routine that I have to even hold on my knitting projects.