Thursday, October 23, 2008

A New Beginning

This blog is a showcase of stuffs that I do when my fingers get bored, mostly craftworks. My first cross-stitched pencil case was done when I was 7. It was a project for art lessons. I first discovered crochet when I was about 9. My aunt used to crochet me those water tumbler holders and dresses for dolls. She taught me the basics. I started bead weaving when I was 11. It was a Mother's Day project (a necklace) during art lessons. Made loads of braided bands when the craze kicked in during my teens. I knitted my first muffler for a friend going for studies in United Kingdom.

Over the years, besides finding the joy of baking and cooking, I found peace in craftworks. You sort of enter a 'zone' whereby time stood still and nothing mattered except that piece of work you are concentrating on. I stopped making craftworks for some time when I had my kids but I think I am ready to embark on this journey again. There are so many things I would love to do but the priority would be my children. I am stealing an hour or two before bedtime for these projects. My current project is a cardigan for Ah Girl. When that finish (heaven knows when!), I will start one for Ah Boy. I am not a very disciplined crafter so intermittenly, I will do something else which catches my attention. I hope it won't take me donkey years to update this blog here.

And thus, the journey begins.

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Pam said...

Been looking everywhere for instructions for how to make crocheted glass holders. Can you remember how, and post the details? I`d be so grateful.